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01-30-2016, 16:40
After playing in the beta , I was very pleased. The game has a very great potential . Developers would have given a medal " For diligence and tolerance " - such detail in an open world at a scale of 1 to 1 is definitely cool. Rasskhvalivat can be infinite , go straight to the point .
Right from the start I did not hear any cues from the protagonist - Silent :) . You can not kill civilians. It would be good to enter mortality , a possible drop "garbage" with them, and a system of fines - had killed a man - 1 hour revenues from equipment sales 50% lower . Or something like this .
The change of day and night is very fast . I do not have time nassladitsya snowball under the moon as has been the sun blind eyes . Please Urezhte cycle times . Sami weather - I have never seen in the games of such a plan as snowdrifts . Everything is fine.
It was not very easy to make a hotkey aiming mode - I often switch weapons because no pressing and scrolling. As well as the regime of aiming for the sniper and assault rifles - is possible to remove the regime from the 3rd person equipped with the weapons with magnifying optics. Sniper aiming at the right mouse button from the 3rd person do not need my opinion.Drop incendiary \ armor-piercing and what else there cartridges 1 thing well, not very much . It would be good if the drop is 3-5 rounds with the same chance of finding them ..
In the dark zone of very many people . Five hours later the dark area looked like a kartka of some sort of Call of Duty regime Deadmatch and King of the Hill . In general one "meat"
This game is not very digestible clan system in connection with the theme of the game. But introduce a system of " detachment " or something like that would be nice , with tags , and his chat inside the " detachment " . And maybe it does not need it .
P.S. I play today and tomorrow another , in that their proposals would add \ notes required. Sorry for the " salad " in the text - written in haste that would not have time to forget all my thoughts . While writing this, still I forgot :) . Thank you for attention. And used Google translator

02-01-2016, 15:47

Спасибо за ваш отзыв и наблюдения. Я обязательно передам всю информацию нашим разработчикам. :)