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11-16-2014, 18:35
Баги в AC Unity:

1. волосы (ткани и т.п. physx видимо) дергаются в разные непонятные формы, это происходит даже когда не двигаюсь с периодичностью в несколько секунд.
2. при движении мышкой (даже при плавном) камера может внезапно повернуться на любой угол.

пробовал различные настройки графики, мин./макс./sli/physx
драйвера последние nvidia 344.65
win 8.1 x64

11-17-2014, 00:53
1. Таже проблема что и у пользователя выше(под №1). Только это случается в ат-сценах, только в Бастилии, только у Арно.
2. Виснет намертво при прыжке с крыши Бастилии. Вернее сразу как заканчивается кат-сцена и передаётся управление. При этом работает только паузы Esc без отображения меню. Затем после выхода и попытке загрузить миссию вновь, виснет на загрузке. Анимация загрузки идёт, полоса загрузки замирает незадолго до конца линии, в коем виде и высвечивается из темноты.
Методы исправления:
1. настройки графики, мин./макс./sli/physx
2. разрешения экрана: все + режим окна
3. отключение всего в меню и запуск от имени админа в оф.лайн режиме.
4. бэкап сохр и перепрохождение.

драйвера последние nvidia 344.65
win 7x64 sp1
GTX 580
16 Гб ОЗУ

вся играбельная часть идёт превосходно на максимальных настойках.

11-18-2014, 21:21
Та же проблема что и у игрока в первом сообщении всё точь в точь. win7x64. видеокарта R9 270x

11-19-2014, 01:05
Dear Ubisoft,

This query refers to the quality and stability of the gameplay in "Assassin's Creed: Unity".

I experience part-time problems, occurring in cutscences, change of locations, after reloading, during long-time gameplay and (probably) in some specific locations.

My system details:
Chipset: MSI Z77 MPower (latest Bios)
Processor: i7-3770k overclocked to 4.2 (watercooled by Enermax Liqtech 120x)
Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600
Video: (SLI) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti (both watercooled by Accelero Hybrid II 120, latest drivers – for Unity)
Case: NZXT Phantom 820
Power: 1200W
Windows 7 Pro

1. Reloading the game during the gameplay gradually reduces the FPS, causes increasing stuttering, lagging and microfreezes, often adding shimmering skies (I refer this to SLI or anti-aliasing, or both) and is eventually followed by a CTD. Loading the game first from the desktop reduces the above bugs and makes the gameplay smoother until the next mission or reload.
2. Rainy and/or night skies cause strong shimmering that transfers over to reflecting surfaces. Artifacts pop in on small objects (e.g. windows, sword handles, etc.). This can be seen during the battle mission with Belec.
3. Running through the city causes lagging, stuttering, fps drops (usually, from 50 to 20), microfreezes (the latter are often followed by “teleportation” into a wall or to another part of a building, regardless the settings). When the FPS count is lower than 50, stuttering is felt constantly, more difficult to control.
4. Missions inside palaces significantly multiply the bugs above, e.g.: during the mission, with the cutscene of Napoleon, finding the Apple, average FPS are as follows: outside – 50, inside – 35.
5. Cutscenes (almost all of them, e.g. in prison, with Belec, with Elise, before the Council of Assassins, etc.) underpin the FPS from 55 to 45 through 28 (prison). This also causes “jumping” hair (the longer the microfreeze the higher the hair “jump”), which distracts a lot.
6. Initiates’ training are locked.
7. Companion collectibles remain visible in the game after picking them up (as if they were not collected).
8. Companion App looses connection, often characters loose their level after reloading/re-connecting, earned companion points are lost.

Game settings:
The game is patched to 1.2, all files are verified.
1920x1080, 60hz, V-Sync On (triple), ultimate: all, HBAO+, anti-aliasing: MSAA 2x.
FPS: Max: 61, Min: 20: Avr: 45.

Tried: reducing the level of detail to average, 50hz, V-Sync off, anti-aliasing: FXAA or off.
Result: stuttering slightly decreased, average FPS increased to 50.
However: lagging, microfreezes, FPS drops to 25 and shimmering rainy skies still present.

What matters is not only the money spent (though it still is painful), but the loss of time and not receiving the product, as intended and advertised. It is very unfortunate that the astonishing work of art conducted by the voice actors, stuntsmen, artists, composers and level designers was so much diminished by your team of publishers and poor management.

I look forward to your soonest and full recommendations and fixes.

Yours faithfully,