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02-19-2014, 21:04
Добрый вечер,

Мы рады сообщить, что сегодня выходит первый после ее выхода патч к игре "Меч и Магия X - Наследие". Патч установится автоматически и в Steam, и в Uplay.

В частности, планируется:
- исправить проблемы с сохранениями, проблему с невидимыми противниками, сортировку квестов,
- обновить инструментарий для создания модов
- добавить поддержку разрешения 16:10, три новых подземелья
- улучшить отображение текстур, общую производительность игры

Мы все еще продолжаем работу над игрой, в том числе планируем и дальше улучшать производительность игры, решать проблемы с квестами и т.д.. Мы понимаем, как вы можете быть разочарованы, столкнувшись с какими-либо проблемами, поэтому мы стараемся разрешить их так быстро, как это возможно, и лучшим способом из всех, которые можно придумать.

Подробности о патче можно найти в блоге: https://mightandmagicx-legacy.ubi.com/opendev/blog
Описание трех новых подземелий: https://mightandmagicx-legacy.ubi.com/opendev/blog/post/view/the-new-dungeons

Полный список изменений ниже:

o 3 new dungeons:
• Exclusive Dream Dungeon
• Community Dungeon
• Limbo Dungeon

o Changes
• 16:10 resolutions are now available.
• Hint for texture details option is added in game (it still only configurable in the main menu)
• Asian language fonts are now only loaded if needed (memory improvement)
• Reduced the amount of path-finding calculations per monster each turn (caused performance issues on certain places)

o Balancing changes
• Added Dark Nova to Faceless (Core and Elite)
• Split monster ability "Battle Spirit" into three different variations: for Militia Captain, Black Guard Captain and Naga Warlord
• Increased 2-Handed Weapon and Ranged Weapon Damage and Crit Chance
• Increased 2-Handed Magical Focus Damage
• Reduced Magical Focus Crit Damage Increase
• Reduced Magical Focus Damage Increase (Grand Master Bonus)

o Bug fixes
• Quest UI bug when you click the "Show finished quest" option, the page number text "Page x/x" will glitch.
• The 'Dual Wield' skill does not provide a number on Attack Value increase on the off-hand weapon.
• Alesia - Healer doesn't refill Mana, only Health.
• Radiant Weapon spell incorrect behavior, enemies still block attacks.
• Paladin Promotion quest - You can obtain another copy of the 2nd Stone Disc fragment if you discuss again with the Blackfang Smuggler.
• In “The Slums” area in Karthal City, a barrel containing a spider teleports in a different location of the map.
• Bow and Crossbow Grandmaster Trainers have an incorrect conversation string when asking for training after completing their quests. They consider that you’re already a Bow or Crossbow Grandmaster.
• Acid Splash spell incorrect behavior (decreases the armor rating by 50% and removes 50% of melee block attempts).
• Mispell of "Consumed" with Elixir of Potency = conusmed (loc issue)
• The letter related to the siege of the castle in the Aegyn Peninsula does not disappear after finishing act 1.
• Bug in the Bestiary entry bug, Minotaur's skill Crush description says '404 MONSTER_ABILITY_CRUSH_INFO'
• Romuald Hireling (Negotiator)- when buying a mana potion, price is “86” but “100” is removed from purse.
• After completing Naga Tea quest, it is possible to receive duplicate copies of the various teas from the original people.
• The "Doctor" Hireling ability can be used in battles without costing a turn. This makes status changes too easy to dispell.
• 'Hour of Power' buff tooltip you can obtain by praying at shrines says you get a bonus of 10, which only provides 4.
• Dodge Expert incorrect training cost at Seahaven.

o General bug fixes
• The defender cannot finish the promotion quest if the player kills the Davros and free the Dwarves before getting the promotion quest.
• Lore books in Lore page cannot be fully displayed if unchecking "Show all books".
• The SFX of Manco's spell - Chain Lightning is incomplete, in Cave_3.
• Lev cannot send the party from “Elemental Forge 4” back to “The Castle Portmeyron”.
• The tooltip of Cyclops' magic power contains debug info.
• The party can get tokens “Tea” again, even the quest is already completed.
• The hireling Alesia can only restore HP and inconsistent with the description in the tooltip.
• The token “Hidden Scrolls” should not display as usable token in map “Karthal_Sewers”.
• The objective stating "Find Kirk" of quest "Lost Lambs" shows improperly under a certain circumstance.
• One word in the Lore Book "A Tour of the Free Cities" is incorrect.
• The token "Flute" won't disappear after playing right notes with it in front of the crystal in Sudgerd.
• The last dialog with Blind Shaman always shown as "You are not chosen" even if player has already completed the quest "Warmonger Promotion".
• The Heame still talks about same sentence, even after finished the quest "Haart has its reason".
• The Magic Power data of Moonsilk Spider in Bestiary is not complete.
• The SFX of spell “Fire Blast” displayed improperly when turning camera.
• The ongoing quest Jassad’s Bestiary needs one more tip to notice players that Bosses and Elites are not counted.
• The second step of “Darkness in the lighthouse” cannot be updated.
• Player can bring Falagar to city Karthal without blocking.
• The collision of the shadow dragons is improper in Tomb_of_Thusend_Terrors_4.
• The action “Harpoon” still affects enemies even it is blocked or missed.
• The quest: Partners in crime (3/4) updated incorrectly when the party goes to the Skull_Rock and get the Blackfang’s Chest first.
• The battle music keeps playing instead of reverting to normal with high probability.
• Entire dungeon will be reset if the party teleported by casting the spell Spirit Beacon then revisit the dungeon.
• The players get the two slides for completing ‘Haart has its reasons’ with telling the truth mostly to Heame.
• The close button doesn’t work when answering Lord Kilburn’s questions.
• There is no prompt in option, when the party doesn't have enough money to identify items in store.
• Monster (Elite) Naga Warlord still can trigger the ability Sweeping Attack when it casts spell Battle Spirit.
• The UI of the door to the Vigil_3 in Vigil_2 (1,14) should be a downstair icon.
• The text of the potion: Elixir of Potency is improper.
• The actual effect when Facehugger triggered the ability Mana Leech or cast spell Chain Lightning is improper.
• The token will always display on the right-bottom corner even nobody in the party can use it.
• The side quest: Pirate Truce cannot be finished if the player enters The Crag before getting this quest, and reenters it.
• The paladin promotion quest token can be sold again after this quest has been done.
• The damage from monster dealt by the ability "Overwhelming Assault" will delay for a second.
• Normal save will change into Auto-save after inputting certain name.
• The fight music won't stop after killing enemies in maps Cave_2, Pao_Kai_Nest_1 and Karthal_UnderSiege.
• Potion or scroll doesn’t be discounted after buying it with hireling “Romuald”.
• The Boss who has a dialog will perform an extra action when the dialog was triggered.
• The corpse of Pao Kai is floating in the air.
• The description of “Terror” is “Lasts 0 turns”.
• Identify items from the hireling Karim still charges fees.
• The aggro flag turns red after the first action of the monsters.
• The locked chest cannot be looted for the second time.
• The stackable items cannot be sold when there's only one in the Inventory .
• The SFX of spell “Fire Shield” can be triggered by retaliation from enemies.
• Cost in game is always the same.
• The SFX of Manco's spell - Regeneration presents only on the weapon, in Cave_3.
• The message of Rest within Owl Cave still showes after promotion is finished.
• The monster who has ability Pain reflection cannot reflect the melee damage caused by Magic Focus.
• The sound-fx of solving the secret will replay after the party back to Den_of_Thief_1 from DoT_2.

o Dev Tools update
• Code update so that with the new version created mods are compatible with the game again

o New assets added
• City assets updated with buildings from Seahaven, Karthal and The Crag.
• Faceless dungeon set
• Karthal Palace dungeon set

o Usability improvements implemented
• Default configurations for a faster placement of monster, doors, secrets and other interactive objects
• Automatic updates is no longer overriding all previous settings
• Terrain type definitions added
• Zone specific lighting
• General visibility improvements

03-01-2014, 22:09
После патча игра не запускается, 1 секунда черного экрана, и привет Юплэй!!!!