View Full Version : Why don't they fix it? (почему это не фиксят?)

03-01-2019, 21:36
I want to ask one question - why does weapon painting do not work properly? It is broken! I purchased a universal black paint for weapons, but realise that some weapons are not painted completely after all! I have faced this issue with Black Beard and Capitaos guns. Their clips remain the same vanilla color after I try to recolor it in black. Here is screen shots of this issue - as you can see the clip on the weapon isn't painted black. What is the point in changing the color of the weapon if some of its parts are not painted? This is very annoying! Please fix this! I want to be able to have weapons completely the same color!

Почему раскраска оружия работает некорректно и на некоторых стволах не раскрашивает их полностью в один цвет? Это бесит! Пушка чёрная и магазин другого цвета! Что за бред? Почините это, будьте добры!


04-03-2019, 12:27
Магазин на оружии никогда в этой игре не раскрашивался.