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06-15-2019, 03:33
Hello Ubisfot! I loved to play this game until recently. The thing is, I started playing a rating game. While I was calibrating everything was fine, except that I often lost and I do not blame anyone for that. After calibration I was given the first bronze. I was surprised, but I thought that all of a sudden I really didn’t play as well as I thought and decided to try to break into silver and so on. The problem came out in the fact that I got a series of losses. And in this game it doesn’t matter how strong a contribution you make to a team. YOU can play as well as you want, but your rank does not depend on you, but on the team of random players that the game finds you. Thus, I dropped my rank to the first copper and in no way can I get out of this cloaca. I constantly play in a team, where either newcomers of the 30th level, or very toxic players who came into the ranking game, not to try to win, but to enrage other players. I try as best I can, constantly on the first lines, but losing the team. Sometimes I try so hard that I pull out the game with a score of 12-2, but the next time I come across lazy or toxic players again and I again drop the rank to copper. To be honest, I really liked the game. But I have never experienced such a negative from playing it, as I began to play rating games. My patience is exhausted when I once again hit the team against toxic players who, in the RATING game, fired at their own game for fun, killed each other on a spawn and shouted insults in the voice chat. I threw a complaint against them, but this does not give anything, the voting for the exception was closed, and there were several of them anyway and this would have solved nothing. As well as the offer to surrender. I was angry and in order not to lose the statistics of the C / D because of the murder from the teammates, I went out, and of course I received a fine. The players who killed their own people, were engaged in garbage on a spawn and in every way annoyed a couple of other normal players received a penalty. I received a fine because I did not want to play with them. And they, I think, quietly finished the match, if you can call it that and go to the next match, spoil the game and the mood of other players who are not so easy at this rank. This is my soul cry and my prayers to you! I beg you, I beg you, please drop me the statistics in the rating game before it was before calibration. I swear, I'll never play a rating game again. I will play only casual and enjoy as before. I'm just a perfectionist, and I can't see such a low rank in my profile, I lost all the joy of the game because of this. I beg you to reset my rank in a rating game. I do not want to suffer in a rating game with toxic and lazy players. I’ll just go back to the casual game and enjoy the game as it was until recently. I beg you not to make me suffer. I just want to play a casual game, enjoy it and not pay attention to the low rank at the top of the screen. After all, I know that this is not my level, but this game does not at all encourage personal contribution to the team, but only takes into account the victory / defeat. This is not a card game, I am not the only one playing here, why does the toxicity and laziness of others affect my rank? Therefore, I will never return to the rating and I beg you not to make me suffer. Thank you in advance.

06-15-2019, 07:46
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