View Full Version : GLAZ NEED LADDER

08-08-2019, 11:18
i got super idea to rework glaz , so he will be like a sniper . first glaz need special ACOG . second make his device allways on. third is new device , LADDER . he will posible to get on previously unvailable position, glaz will aible to see all second floor . all team can use ladder . this will not be op couse defenders will just need to be more carefull near windows , or if his position is known , kill him by someone with ACOG . im sure that this is mega cool idea . glaz originaly planned to be sniper wich check important area from window , after rework he become absolutley not sniper , he become common operator with common device , after nerf its become useless . glaz was not able to rush with lot of smoke . now im waiting for ladder on glaz and whant to know your opinion about this :o

08-08-2019, 18:42
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