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11-27-2019, 12:31
I will try to be brief.
1. How to make a medic from Fink?
- To make her boost more popular so that the player who is in serious condition (injured) after lifting is not 20hp at first, after 5 altogether, but 70hp first, and then stop at 50hp, so Finca will approach an excellent medic. And what’s still not unimportant, the CBRN squad needs to correct the laura a bit, I think I’ll need to make Finka and Lion unnecessary for gases, including the Smoke operative’s device. Warden, as for me, should be a roamer to the old bones, give it 3 speeds and it will be one step higher. Armaments: 44 Auto Mag with the ability to attach a silencer, Super Shorty. MP-7 and SG-CQB Optional: Barbed wire and bulletproof camera.
2.Operative protection. Girl 2 armor 2 speeds. The call sign spider (for a more effective presentation, can be translated into the language of the native inhabitants of America because it is such), it can be suspended from the ceiling at any distance, even under the most eaves, but its most interesting device, a tranquilizer, which it does not die to an attacked attacker until the end of the round, he can be awakened by Doc or Finka, the operative who has been poisoned by her cannot be seen, the black screen, and the sweetest thing is that, besides the usual allies of the attack, Caveira can also wake him up and do an interrogation.
Operative attack with the call sign Trident. Its device is unique and narrowly targeted. The “installer robot” is a simple robot slightly larger than the Twitch Shock-bot, thereby preventing it from driving through the drone halls, but Maverik or Hibana can help by filling out a small gap.The robot is subject to destruction, or rather immobilization by the Mute device and also by the electrician, Kaid and the Bandit do not destroy it, they only stop it. The robot will have 150hp, thereby protecting it from C4, but only one, it can also be shot, but more than one store will take a look at it, Finka, Dokkaebi, Mozzie, Echo do not affect the robot in any way. First you need to give the robot a deactivator so that it can install it. Installation through the device increases from 7 seconds. up to 10 sec. and in casual it’s clear from 5 seconds. up to 7 sec.The presence of the robot (1) Armaments: P-12 and SMG 12. BOSG and Mk14
Optional: Smoke, fragmentation grenade And as a bonus for all DMRs, including the Mk-14, a new sight will appear visually similar to the Scope sight, but it will have a higher magnification than AСOG, but lower than the scope for Kali operative
I hope to see me, I will be grateful for your attention to me.

11-27-2019, 18:47
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