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04-08-2021, 18:01

I came up with a new part of the game Watch_Dogs! Events will take place in the year 2030 in Paris. The main character is Celine Attal, a professional hacker girl fighting a criminal syndicate, and trying to get on the trail of a secret organization that is trying to take over the entire communication system in the country. Here are some features about the main character:

1. Born on January 3, 2001, in Paris
2. Celine has complete heterochromia - different colors of the iris
3. Celine-master of hand-to-hand combat (kickboxing)
4. Celine's father was a computer repair man. It was because of this that she discovered her love of technology.
5. Aiden Pearce-Celine's main idol
6. Likes rock music, preferably deathcore and new metal
7. Celine is not a member of any hacker group, but actively cooperates with Anonymus and Dedsec.
8. Graduated with honors from the Paris Institute of Technology with a degree in Network Technologies and Digital Economy"
9. Favorite TV series - "Mr. Robot", repeatedly reviewed by her
10. Versed in mobile and computer operating systems, algorithms, knows at least 6 programming languages
11. Celine would like to live a normal life, but she is annoyed by the injustice of the world and that many criminals go unpunished
12. Celine is neutral about non-standard hair color. She painted them to be the most visible.
13. On the phalanges of the fingers, Celine has a tattoo in the form of the inscription "Dead" on the right and "Soul" on the left, which translates as " Dead soul"
14. Celine's favorite color is blue

The game will be radically different from the concept of the first three games. Now you can change the appearance of the main character, moreover, it is necessary to make it more difficult to calculate. Celine will be able to equip her own shelter, buying new items for in-game currency (cryptocurrency). Celine will also be able to hire informants who will report to her about the situation in different industries.

04-08-2021, 18:03
https://www.artstation.com/artwork/18oO6X - my artwork

04-08-2021, 18:53
на данном форуме общение ведется только на русском языке.

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Всё понятно