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    Mar 2019

    I lost my Uplay points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Uplay points were taken when I activated free rewards in Assassins Creed 3 remastered !!! I had 100 points, 24 left! It is written that the rewards are free. I activated 3 free rewards. Give me back my glasses or explain how it works. Plz
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    Добрый день!

    Поскольку этот форум управляется русскоговорящими представителями Ubisoft и предназначен для русскоязычной публики, все сообщения должны быть только на русском языке.

    As this forum is managed by Ubisoft RU team we ask that all posts on this board are made in Russian so we can effectively moderate. You can find English forums here:
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