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    Limit the selection for the modes "Assault" and "Capture points"

    Faced with a problem when people who do not even have 1 prestige on the character are playing with you in the capture or assault? And if such people are your whole team except you? I just happened, so I'm here))))
    Their logic is that they want to quickly pump the character, but do not know how to play it. The game selection mode for some ghostly SKILL LEVEL is out of date as soon as it is entered, but for some reason it is still in the game. Is it really impossible not to let people into modes that require team play, if they can only press a few buttons? Let them first learn how to play having received the first prestige in duels, while learning to play and not spoil the lives of others.
    You can say that the character is selected after the selection of the game, but then enter the menu where such characters simply cannot be selected and if you do not have a single hero who does not have the first prestige, then the selection of team modes will be closed.
    Do not know how - do not take it!
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