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    Back suicide bombers

    can you add a feature to the game that will diversify the gameplay? at the start of the pve task, the difficulty level and type of game, single or team, are selected. Can you add a marker function that will enable or disable depending on the need for suicide bombers
    Im so sorry for my english, but i realy love antiterror in ur game

    otherwise, where can I write to be heard by developers? I think this function can be useful for a variety of games and for coaching shooting in the head. Currently, suicide bombers are only available in a single company and are not used in the game in any way.

    this will not return the suicide bombers to anti-terror, but there will be a function in the settings to launch the anti-terror mission with suicide bombers at will

    anti-terror allows you to relax after a hard game in the ranking. It includes a reward of glory points, and the death rowers would only diversify the game and introduce a certain challenge. In any case, those who do not need suicide bombers may not include them in the game settings. This is very important to me, I would like to be heard
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    Поскольку этот форум управляется русскоговорящими представителями Ubisoft и предназначен для русскоязычной публики, все сообщения должны быть только на русском языке. Официальные форумы Ubisoft доступны и на других главных европейских языках, ссылки на них вы можете найти на локальном сайте Ubi.com Правила форума
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