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    Bad Matchmaking

    Dear Ubisoft,
    Im writing you because it was last straw!!! I was playing and chilling with my teammates in Unranked.......i will repeat, JUST CHILLING!! We played for till this moment, when we started the game in 17 July 2020. Against us was a team( 5 people).....sound normal, but the problem was there were 2 DIAMONDS with 5.93 and 6.93 kd in this season( i used the R6tracker). 2 diamonds and 1 first plat......in my team only i had rank plat 3(it my level) and my friend gold 2...one player was also gold, but last 2 guys were UNRANKED.. We played 2 games against them...My question is: WHERE IS NORMAL MATCHMAKING? I have 1200 hours in R6 and till this moment i had no claim....but this isnt normal.....Guys, newcomers will delete this game after they will this matchmaking balance....Okay, playing against good players give experience, but the main problem is toxic behavior....this players is writing like "boring" or something else!!! My claim is: change matchmaking in unranked....it is so sad!!!
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    на данном форуме общение ведется только на русском языке
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