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    Training Grounds

    This small post about Training Grounds.
    I think i'm not only one, who wants play all characters on training grounds. This gamemode allow you train your skill against some bot, and also this game mode contain some weekly challenges. So i think playing all characters will allow you faster do challenges and train your skill on different weapons and operators on the one hand, and on the other hand will allow you to make strange and funny variation of "Dream team" against terrorists. So while team rainbow it's international counterterrorist unit we should be allowed play training game mode with both sides simultaneous.

    This is poorly photoshopped image oft training grounds menu.
    Sorry for bad english and russian menu on image, i just don't know how to change language in game "on the go" and don't download it again.

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    Aug 2014
    общение на данном форуме ведется только на русском языке.
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