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    Aug 2020

    ACOG Maestro please

    Hello gusy,
    Like BOSG ACOG, i want to invite ASC12 Maestro ACOG.
    Operatot wiht 3 armor and 1 speed need ACOG, isn't it.
    ACOG on his ALDA was so powerfull, so UBI removed it.
    But he need this SCOPE.
    And i want to ask You to like and repost this post.
    Invite ACOG only for Maestro, not for Alibi.
    Sorry for my bad english, i just do my best.
    So UBI, guys.
    ACOG Maestro ASC12 PLEASE!!!
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    Aug 2014
    на данном форуме общение ведется только на русском языке.
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