dear developers. wishes about the game for the sake of honor. in 4v4 modes we don't duel. there is no honor. this is a massacre. do not remove the possibility of interaction with the environment. need more copies more ledges. you need to add different types of weapons scattered around the map that you can pick up and throw at the enemy. of course in a limited amount for each player. do you think it will scare newbies? no. they will be scared off by light spam with which you, as usual, could not cope. they will be scared off by the lack of ping comps, which also does not work. they will be scared away .... to check the changes there is always a test site. I also propose to change the receipt of rewards in the capture mode. for example, a player ran to zone A and began to capture (the zone does not belong to anyone yet) 2 opponents ran up to him. player 1 defeated 2 opponents (all have full health) + 4% to experience and steel. and if both enemies had half the health, then + 2%; if the enemies had more health, + 6%; if a shield was imposed, then + 1% in addition. and so in an unequal battle, player 1 defeated 2 opponents and received a 4% bonus. capture of the zone + 1% then the player was in the zone and saved up points. 10 points + 0.1% to experience and steel. further during the match, the player killed 10 enemies and died 5 times. 1 enemy + 1% 1 death - 1% that is, 10 kills is 10% - 5% total bonus 5% the number of points scored. 100 points + 0.1%. and finally, at the end of the match, the player who made the most contribution to win receives a 20% bonus. if 2 players defeated 1, then the winners are milked + 1% instead of 2% because of 2 versus 1. then if the player knocked down an ally's attack, then an equal amount of the damage done is taken away from the knocker. that is, caused damage to 6 units, then received - 0.6%. if he raised his partner he got + 3% came running to the rescue + 4% lost -4%. execution of the enemy + 2% brought down the execution -2%. if the player defended the zone, then + 1.5%. all this will give players an incentive to play well. for team play. they will throw less attacks in all directions. and to find out how the players will react to this, add a mode to the test site with the possibility of mandatory voting for each player after the end of the match. now the assault. I propose to increase the assault map by 3 times and increase the number of players from 4 to 10, and instead of 4 to 4 it was 10 to 10. This is the same assault. Further, here are the changes I propose: the attackers at the beginning of the match have 1 battering ram 2 siege towers 2 catapults and 10 siege ladders. the defenders have 4 tower ballistas that will be located on 4 towers and boilers located along the entire perimeter of the wall. and so the attackers began with the siege towers. those who break off the ballista attack the catapults so that the catapults do not disable the tower balils (players themselves shoot with the ballists and catapults). if the defenders were able to disable the catapults, then they can shoot off siege towers or enemy players. siege towers move creeps. defenders can stop towers by killing creeps. when the siege towers stop, torchbearers leave the castle to set fire to it. the attackers must stop them. players can also manually destroy the catapults. if the towers have reached the wall, the goal of the attackers is to get inside and open the gate. when opening 1 gate, the goal is reached and the ram passes without obstacles + 10 siege ladders since they were not affected. 1 gate and 2 gates will each have 1 boss. when the siege ladders have reached the walls and the defenders are installed, they can destroy the ladders with the help of cauldrons or try to throw them off themselves. certainly not the first time. boilers, for example, need to be thrown 2 times on 1 ladder. ladders can also be destroyed on the way to the gate, but for this the player must interrupt the guarding ladders and after all attempts of the attackers have failed, the ram enters the course.